Hi, we're the Chaffins, Don and Char.  We moved to St. Johnsville after living for sixteen years in Fairbanks, Alaska.  With family in the area - Gloversville and Johnstown - coming back to Upstate New York to settle was the best move we have made.

One thing we did like about the West Coast and Alaska was the drive-thru espresso stands found just about everywhere.  Especially popular in Fairbanks, we really enjoyed the convenience of being able to drive up to the window in the morning on the way to work and take off five minutes later with a hot, delicious latte or cappuccino.  Not having to worry about finding a place to park, then wasting precious travel time by rushing in and standing in line was a real bonus for folks like us who were always in a hurry to get to work. 

When we decided to move back to New York we quickly realized that there were very few true espresso shops available locally or even within a twenty-mile radius, never mind a drive-thru stand.  We talked it over and decided to remedy that situation, and that's how Mohawk Valley Coffee and Espresso was created.  Not only did we want to continue to have great espresso drinks for ourselves but we also wanted to bring the drive-thru espresso experience to our new friends and neighbors.

Mohawk Valley Coffee and Espresso is a true coffee-lover's haven.  We serve all of the traditional espresso drinks, both hot and cold, as well as Italian sodas, fruit smoothies and a delicious selection of Chai and Stash teas and regular fresh-brewed coffee.  We also serve assorted pastries, biscotti, and a variety of muffins.  And for a very special treat we sell chocolate-covered coffee beans.

We hope you'll come and see for yourself how easy and delicious a quick trip through our open window can be!

Don and Char Chaffin

Featuring products supplied by Chris' Coffee Service of Albany, New York

Featuring Torani Syrups, Sauce, Frusia & Caffioco



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